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Donaghys Winchline is a high performance 12 strand braid, ideal for use in racing applications. Winchline is made from UHMwPE, one of the world’s strongest fibres, with the ultimate strength to weight ratio for high-performance applications including Kayak Rudder Cables.

Sold in 10 metre Hang Sell pack.


  • Safer than wire.
  • Floats and is Hydrophobic.
  • Low creep.
  • Easy to splice.
  • Very highly resistant to UV and most chemicals.
  • Internal and external abrasion resistance.
  • Virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure.
  • Non-rotational.



  • Lashing.
  • Strops.
  • Control lines.
  • Tow lines


Colour – Dark Grey

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